Friday, September 14, 2012

Dragoncon 2012 - Sunday II

After dinner, Adam and I tried to catch the setting sun for a Loki photoshoot. Alas, we were too busy talking and missed it. But we still caught a couple shots in the walkway (which was the first picture in the previous post). On the way back through to the Marriott, we passed by a section of marble elevators with golden doors. Although I wasn't a fan of the cage in the background, I was intrigued by the setting and decided it'd be good spot for some pictures (decent lighting to).

I was in the middle of doing some turns when I spotted a male Loki with one fantastically accurate costume walking by. He started to slow down to take a look-see, but was certainly on a mission to get somewhere. I wanted to stop him for a picture, but I know better than to run after a grown man in 6 inch stilettos (I can walk for a while in heels, but I haven't quite mastered the whole running-in-them thing). Thankfully he had wise friends that booted him back over to the elevators.

I raised an eyebrow as I was greeted with a mischievous grin that just about rivaled Tom Hiddleston's.
(Photograph © One Hat Guy) 

Apparently he had heard about my costume from some other costumers and was looking for me (turns out it he had happened to run into my Femme-vengers group a few minutes prior). As we said a couple of quick salutations, I pondered, what would two Lokis of opposite gender do if they ever met each other? "I know exactly what would happen." And down on one knee he went!

Upon discovering a new way to harness the limitless power of the Tesseract, Loki fell victim to the only thing more powerful: his own limitless narcissism.

"I'll be taking this now. See you around.....Or not."

And since everything has a sequel nowadays, as if to answer what would happen next, one would quickly learn that the only thing more mischievous than Loki would be his female counterpart.

"My form is exquisite, crafted in such a way as this I cannot stop looking at me! Has there ever been a more perfect mirage?"
"Yes, ME!"

Photobucket (Photographs © Adam Greene)

(Sidenote: The other Loki in these pictures, Jayson, has a newly-launched Facebook page. Click! Like! You know the drill.

After that unique experience, Adam and I wandered into the Marriott to mingle amongst the other costumers. While observing the other costumes around, I spotted a familiar face - one Toby Markham aka SithCamaro. Back when I started really getting into costuming, I had a number of people on bookmarked on my computer for inspiration. He was one of them. So needless to say, I was jazzed to finally see him in person. But since fangirling is not in my nature (and I was portraying a character who never would either), I just inclined my head when he looked my direction. But the eyes locked. As we were both in our Loki costumes, it was like two predators locking eyes and sauntering over for a mutual, yet amiable encounter (and saunter we did).

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket (Photographs © Adam Greene)

Isn't that armour just exquisite? I saw many Lokis and many armoured costumers, but hardly any whose quality were at Toby's level. He truly is a master craftsman. You can take a gander at his website here ---->

I met up with Rain (Femme Hawkeye) again and was introduced to a very plucky Tony Stark and his wife (a very nice lady at that by the name of Orla Rose who was also doing a female Loki ---

Photobucket (Photograph © Heather Vesta)

Boy was he a good Stark, perhaps not exactly in looks, but he certainly had the flirty mannerisms down pat. I decided to play on a joke I had come up earlier in the day. I *ahemed* and coily said, "Hey Stark, I'll be having that drink now."

Rain_Lain (Photograph © Rain Lain)
Humans actually drink this stuff?!

Photobucket (Photograph © Adam Greene)

While I sat sipping, I looked upwards and my eyes came to rest on the Pulse Loft, a loft that hangs suspended in the middle of the main floor of the Marriott. I titled my head and chuckled rather maniacally under my breath as an idea manifested in my brain...

Next thing my friends knew, I was off like a shot to gather every Loki costumer I could find. Adam went to the floor below to do the same. The Pulse Loft boasts a great vantage point of the main floor where most of the costumers at Dragoncon hang out. So my idea was the line up as many Lokis as possible in the foremost part of the Loft, to survey their domain, of course. Within 30 minutes, 8 Lokis were assembled for the impromptu event. We descended the stairs and took our places.

Something mischievous this way comes...

After about 100 or so people started looking up from the floor below to see why in the world there were a bunch of Lokis in the Loft, we all pointed downwards and yelled "KNEEL!" Two thousand people turned around in surprise. Some knelt, some cheered, most took pictures. Oh but it was glorious.

After maybe five minutes tops, we turned back around and sat down, laughing about the encounter as people took photos of us in the Loft. Security came over and politely asked us to turn around (or rather stay turned around at this point) as our little "kneeling" escapade completely blocked traffic on the floor below. We, of course out of character, submitted to authourity, but not without a grin plastered on our faces.


While we had a number of people want their pictures taken with our circle of Lokis (which it has been decided that group of Lokis is known as a "chaos" of Lokis. Or trouble. Yes, there sits trouble), we had one special guest. A Joker came up to bequeath his top villain status to us. I don't have the following picture, but right after this he practically faceplanted at our feet. We were pleased.

(Photographs © Kid Remington)

I stayed with Stark and his Loki wife through most of the rest of the night (along with a very cute Lolita Loki named Samantha). I was pleasantly surprised that although Stark would flirt in character, he was still very much looking out for the welfare of his wife and friends. At one point he had to leave our group to 'save' another friend downstairs from an awkward situation. But he didn't leave until he made sure that us three Lokis that were left were safe and had ample water. That really struck me. In fact, it struck me throughout all the time I was at Dragoncon that folks were just super nice. It truly is a big party with 50,000 of your friends. I'm sure there were exceptions, but everyone I met was nice, polite, helpful, happy, and fun-loving.

Just as a quick example, I was sitting down resting my feet and a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent sat down next to me to compliment my costume. But only for a second, then he grinned as I started grilling him about Fury. He turned double agent telling me the location of the Tesseract and gave me an Avengers pin as a parting gift. Oh the irony.

I nodded goodbye to my fellow Lokis as they went to wreak havoc on a poor girl below who unwisely decided to do a Loki drinking game (apparently she'd drink a shot every time she saw a Loki costume. So in true prankster style, the other Lokis decided to walk right by her one at a time).  I just shook my head up in the Loft and waited for the next couple of hours for a friend of mine from the dealer room.

After waiting for a bit, I took a trip with Christina, Jimmy and a couple others to the top of the Marriott 47th floor (apparently it's the thing to do). I don't normally have height issues, but going up on an glass elevator that high was not so fun (though surprisingly, going down wasn't nearly as bad as coming up). Of course we had the glitchy elevator and we got stuck on the 10th floor with doors that couldn't decide whether they wanted to shut or open. Thankfully that only stopped our hearts for about a minute before they shut and we continued down the lobby level.

Afterwards, I finally met up with my friend, Tak, for dinner in the Marriott. Since it was well past midnight, I knew I had to get food in my stomach, but it had to be something like. Thankfully, the restaurant had a wonderful lemon chicken soup and crackers. But I was glad to get the call from Jimmy and Christina that they wanted to go home as the restaurant was quickly filling up with drunks (Though, I did manage to get 8.6 attractive rating from a drunk gay guy. That was amusing).

Stay tuned for Dragoncon Part IV: Monday and the Trip Home!


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  2. Loved your in-role response to the narcissism of the two Lokis meeting. Have to say that you look stunning in your costume. Sounds like an amazing time was had by all.